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StF8 done and gone. What a successful comeback of a legendary (crappy) OP. Thanks to everyone that came and helped make this one of the best.
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 Proper Rules 
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Post Proper Rules
1. Language. As this is a mature website about a mature game, we have decided not to edit or delete expletives. This is not to be exploited. Excessive use of curse words will be dealt with by the Admins and Mods. It is also their prerogatives as to what constitutes "Excessive". They are not open to discussion. *EXCEPTION* Racial, sexual, religious, or physical derogatory slurs of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This site and forum is open to everyone, and discriminatory language in any topic/thread/post will be met with a zero tolerance policy.
Take heed or YOU WILL BE BANNED!

2. Flaming/Bashing. Disagreement is at the heart of good conversation, but let's keep it relatively civil. Heated discussions are fine and everyone knows what I mean by flaming or bashing. Don't do it.

3. Post constructively. Your forum Rank does not make you a better airsofter, or a more knowledgable one. More in this case is probably less. Not EVERY thread needs a reply from you. Keep in mind that we admins and mods go through and check new posts. So things like, "+1, and me too, I like that, and yeah that's funny" are killers. If you're not posting any new information, or a question, then WHY are you posting? And if you want to be an absolute post whore, be one in the off topic area where no one likes you.

4. Adhere to the rules, Admins and Mods. We're
here to make sure this is a fun and educational place for everyone, so don't ruin it ya jerk. If you have a serious complaint or think that a rule should be changed, let us know. If it's valid, we can discuss it.

5. Label Not Safe For Work content. If you post a pic or topic that contains questionable matter warn people with a NSFW note.
Basically if you would get in trouble at school, at work or, for some of you, at home, if your Commanding Officer saw it. Warn the others

6. Don't be a tool.
DontBeATool.gif [ 21.54 KiB | Viewed 27861 times ]

7. Don't be a noobsteak.
NoobSteak.gif [ 30.74 KiB | Viewed 27860 times ]


8. "No Political bashing" We're an equal opportunity shop here. Regardless of political or religious beliefs, we allow anyone in. Yes, even Scientologists. off hand comments are still a no no.

9. 'Welcome New Members' thread. Though not a true rule, and not enforced, we highly recommend that you drop into the 'Welcome New Members' thread, and post a little something about you. This way, everyone on the forum can get to know you, and allow for a better sense of community. You won't be penalized for not posting something. However, if you never post anything, your account will eventually get deleted by the system. Link to thread Here

That is all.
The Admin Team

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Post Re: Proper Rules
I'm adding an addendum to rule #2.

We here at 6mm support and respect our troops ( i personally donate portions of my gun teching earning to injured soldier funds) however everyone needs to understand that what we do here is play a game of simulation. Not every member wishes to actually be in the military and some simply can not (due to medical issues etc) If you are current, past or present duty please come in and feel free to talk about your service if you wish, we even have a section for it.

Inform, educate etc but DO NOT belittle, berate talk down to or so help me utter the phrase "you just play soldier I do it for real" or any version of that. It's a dick move and no one here want's to hear it or put up with it.
My own brother from another mother serves and is registered here and even he thinks its a BS thing to do.

Doing this is a one way ticket to ban land and I'll be your personal conductor.

Thanks for reading and understanding.

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