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StF8 done and gone. What a successful comeback of a legendary (crappy) OP. Thanks to everyone that came and helped make this one of the best.

Knock Knock!Welcome to the Site!

Welcome to 6mmWARFARE.com.  

We're an airsoft community based out of (but not limited to ) the St Louis, MO area. We are dedicated to improving, and growing the sport of airsoft.  If you're new to the sport, welcome.  If you're an old hat at it, come on in, we always want more experienced people in the mix.  Our community only grows because we love it, and the more people we have, the merrier.  We are host to several STL based teams, including F.R.O.T and our own Gamblers.  The admins and moderators have been in airsoft for the better part of a decade, and have been involved in organizing and playing in major events for most of that time.  We are also very interested in working with anyone who wants to make the sport better, in any way we can.

Keep an eye out, as we're always to improve things on the site, so if there is something you would like to see, let us know, it may already be in the works, or we may look into making it happen.

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New SMP HPA driven system by Wolverine Airsoft

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Watch this first...

http://www.wolverineairsoft.com/index.p ... ut-the-smp

Read this second if further interested. It seems like HPA is making a push back into the mainstream market of airsoft. Certainly not to AEG levels but more-so than it was five years ago.

by Ranger, Sunday, 16 March 2014 00:48 [ Read all ]
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Tippman finally digging deeper into the airsoft market

I saw this as of this morning and had to post. Tippman seems to be dipping their feet into airsoft and I have to admit; the design is "out there" but I like the concept and think it will be a good performing and all around reliable system. Tippman makes good stuff.

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by Ranger, Tuesday, 25 February 2014 07:33 [ Read all ]
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RedWolf MG34

http://www.airsoft2day.com/news/1230-re ... -mg34.html

Just clink the link and feast your eyes! There is video, some pictures and plenty of text!

That price point unfortunately kills this dream for me...its definitely going to become a collectors piece!

by Ranger, Friday, 08 November 2013 18:58 [ Read all ]
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Update:: Shoei MG42

Shoei has given some updates on the progress of their WWII era MG42. With design still being in the prototype stages there is no clear price point or release date. Also of interesting note; the initial run of this design will be build to order. Pre-orders are the only way to get this gun in your hands upon release time. Shoei has commented that if big enough demand shows itself that they would not be against mass producing them; however with an unknown price point that remains to be seen. Here is a video of the inner workings and a link to the original article.

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http://www.airsoft2day.com/news/1219-sh ... pdate.html

by Ranger, Thursday, 17 October 2013 05:43 [ Read all ]
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TM Hobby show 2013

The Tokyo Hobby Show was ground zero for Tokyo Marui to show off more of their latest designs. Some cool; some seeming rehashed or silly..
Since there is SOO much content I will post the link to the full article. The article does have videos however none of them have English subtitles : (

http://www.airsoft2day.com/news/1207-po ... eport.html

Thoughts on these upcoming designs? I for one am liking the idea of a TM 416 and TM tar-21. However the sound system rifle thingy they're trying to implement I'm not really too crazy about.

by Ranger, Saturday, 28 September 2013 17:14 [ Read all ]
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Another dose of news

It's been a slow week but here we go!

CAA is releasing their own polymer mids for AEG's. 140 round double stack magazine that is said to be released sometime in the next year. With Pmags and Emags going the way of the wind I'm sure we can expect to see more companies going down the polymer mag route.

King Arms has a new marketing strategy for their 2014 lineup; check it out.

In 2014, King Arms will divide our Airsoft Guns into 3 main series, namely Elite, Advance and Ultra Grade.

"The idea of dividing our product into difference series is to let you easier to understanding the product’s grading, therefore easier to choose the most suitable product ranges to fit into your marketing strategy. It will also help end users to have a fast understanding what they are buying. " -King Arms

“Advance” will be the first series to be presented to the market. Following is the list.

These bad boys are said to be improvements over the last few iterations of King Arms AEG's which have been known to bounce back and forth in quality. It appears King Arms is attempting to revamp some quality control by releasing a solid line of AEG's. Time will tell.


by Ranger, Monday, 09 September 2013 07:11 [ Read all ]
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This week in news...


GG will be releasing the Canadian Issue M16 riflel; or the C7A1 as they like to call it. Available in black and OD color options, this bad boy will sport an 8mm gearbox with a 16,000 rpm motor. This thing sounds like it will scream. No price point or release date given by the manufacturer as of yet.
Eclan sight is also included in the purchase (I think it looks ugly lol).


Miyama Trading Co introduced their newest prototype for an ACR GBBR platform. Nothing too special to say about this one as it sits right now. No price point or release date on the horizon and it will come standard. Unfortunately the only engraved models will release in Japan; non-engraved models will be released stateside afterwards.


More M1 Garands! ACM has released a picture sporting their M1 rifle variations. None of these bad boys have any type of price or release date; not to mention if they are even in production yet. Details are scarce but basically the only thing I could find at this moment is that Autumn 2013 looks to be their window of release. Time will tell...

I will update any of these as/if more information comes along. Until then, happy shooting!

by Ranger, Wednesday, 14 August 2013 07:12 [ Read all ]
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contour closes shop?

Apparently contour (gopro's biggest competitors) closed their HQ office and left all their employees wondering wtf happened.

http://www.geekwire.com/2013/contour-cl ... pro-rival/

by Shadow, Wednesday, 07 August 2013 16:41 [ Read all ]
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More WWII weaponry tastiness!


First up we have what seems to be pretty strong confirmation of an affordable AEG version of the MG42! There is no set price however many big retailers have already stated they will carry the gun once it is in stock. Release is looking to be around September/October of this year. Stay tuned!


King Arms has announced they will produce the M1 Paratrooper Carbine. No official price point or release date but speculations say that the company will produce in AEG format. However some purists wish for the rifle to be a more historically accurate rendition; probably gas powered and maybe even 8mm! Stay tuned with this one as well.

by Ranger, Saturday, 27 July 2013 22:33 [ Read all ]
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News articles across the board!

I have been swamped with a thing called life and haven't been updating this as much as I'd like to. To save time and clutter I will include a few stories in this one thread:

VFC is producing their own version of the USMC sniper rifle the M40. A BASR design and supposedly VSR-10 part compatible; no release date or price point has been given by Vega Force Company. Few details are available for this rifle but updates will be given as they are released.


Next on the list is a licensed edition of the XDM .40 made by/for IPSC. Available for purchase at airsoft global for around $140, this XDM definitely has a more competition style look to it thanks to the flash hider; badass if you ask me. Boasting a 26 round magazine this polymer frame/metal slide pistol is said to run best on HFC 134A or HFC 22. No reviews have yet been posted but this is definitely a nice addition to anybody interested in he XDM line of pistols.

Our last stop in airsoft land today is a second generation stainless steel pistol manufactured by RA Tech. RA Tech is known to make high quality GBB parts for rifles and they have more than earned their spot in the airsoft world because of it. Powered by CO2; this handgun is comprised of stainless steel parts, lowering the slide's cycle rate in comparison to an aluminum slide but increasing felt recoil to that of a real .22 caliber firearm; Airsoft Taiwan intend to visit a shooting range in the Philippines to confirm these reports. However quality comes with a hefty price tag of $1024; don't expect these to be a very common sight on the field. Video showing the gun in action below:

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by Ranger, Saturday, 13 July 2013 11:01 [ Read all ]

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